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Laboratory of Aquatic Molecular Biology and Biotechnology was established in July 1995, with Professor Shugo Watabe. The focus of attention in our laboratory was to the functions of gene and protein of aquatic organisms. In April 2009, Professor Watabe came to work in Laboratory of Aquatic Chemistry, and Professor Shuichi Asakawa undertook his post. Since then, this lab has been specializing in the functional genome analysis of aquatic organisms, especially sequencing, linkage mapping, transcriptional regulation and micro RNA analysis. The target organisms are various from bacteria to whales, and the mission of our laboratory is promoting not only basic biological research but also the applied research.


The primeval ocean is the mother of life. Many species in the different stages of evolution are living in the ocean, lake and river. They have developed their unique biological functions and thus life cycles for adapting their own environment. Researching the structures and functions of aquatic organisms’ biomolecules gives us not only how they have evolved but also how the relationships between aquatic organisms and us should be.

We are addressing to understand the functions and organization systems of genes and proteins from various aquatic organisms focusing on different modes of life including development, growth, adaptation, reproduction, and ageing, using the up-to-date techniques in biochemistry, genetic science, and cell biology. Through these issues, we will find the way how to deal with diverged and unique aquatic biomolecules for the life, not only from the aspects of classical fisheries science but also through new concepts as important genetic bioresources gifted from the globe.


Laboratory events

2019.7  We had a seminar camp.
2019.4  Mariom and Waraporn did presentation in the 12th International Conference on Genomics and Molecular Biology.
2019.4  New system has started.
2019.3 Assistant Prof. Yoshitake, Igarashi, Xu, Kijima, Mariom, Waraporn, and Yonezawa did presentation in the 2019 Spring Meeting of JSFS.
2019.3 Abdallah Elbialy completed doctor course. Congratulations!
2019.3 Kijima and Mori completed Master course. Congratulations!
2018.12  Silva did presentation at the SLSAJ Annual Research Conference 2018 and received the Best Presenter Award. congratulations.
2018.11  Prof. Asakawa, Associate Prof. Kinoshita and Shinohara did poster presentation in the Pearl Research Symposium 2018.
2018.9  Shinohara, Huang, and Mariom did presentation in the 2018 Autumn Meeting of JSFS.
2018.7  Shinohara completed doctor course. Congratulations!
2018.4  Dr. Fu Xi moved to Tokyo University of Science.
2018.4  New system has started. Congratulations!
2018.3  Assistant Prof. Yoshitake, Kijima and Abdallah did presentation in the 2018 Spring Meeting of JSFS.
2018.3  Bob Zhang completed doctor course. Congratulations!
2018.3  Take and Toma completed Master course. Congratulations!
2017.12  Prof. Asakawa, Mitsuyama and Mori did presentation in the 40th Annual meeting of MBSJ.
2017.11  Assistant Prof. Yoshitake did presentation in the DNA analysis society 10th meeting.
2017.10  Prof. Asakawa, Associate Prof. Kinoshita and Huang did presentation in BiominXVI_14th International Symposium on Biomineralization.
2017.10  Associate Prof. Kinoshita gave a lecture at 8th International Conference on Fisheries & Aquaculture.
2017.9  Daisuke Mori won Best Student Presentation Awards at the JSFS 85th Anniversary – Commemorative International Symposium. congratulations!
2017.9  Assistant Prof. Yoshitake, Igarashi, Xi, Miyashita, Toma, Kijima, Mori did presentation in the JSFS 85th Anniversary – Commemorative International Symposium.
2017.4  New system has started.
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2019. 7. 17 Update the homepages.